Complex supply chain networks

Harnessing data to achieve visibility is critical in managing complex supply chains.

Two thirds of supply chain leaders lack visibility yet, the data to deliver it, and to unlock transformational insights is present across supply chains today. The challenge is the data sits in silos, across multiple separate organisations, in a range of enterprise systems.
Supply Chain Transparency
Supply Chain Transparency
Supply Chain Platform
Supply Chain Transparency
Independent digital Twins

Entopy captures data from multiple systems to create a 'Digital Twin' of a consignment.

Each 'Digital Twin' is an independent data product containing all relevant data for an individual consignment throughout its lifecycle.
Dynamic data mesh

The platform orchestrates data, securely, across multiple organisations.

Entopy's intelligent platform ensures only relevant data to be securely captured across independent domains, protecting privacy between the organisations and their respective systems.
Supply Chain Automation
Foundational data products

Entopy supports operators and analysts to optimise supply chain performance.

Data is dynamically added to each ‘Digital Twin’ throughout its lifecycle, capturing key events and generating unique consignment lifecycle records, providing both real-time operational data as well as detailed records to support historical analysis.
Supply Chain Events

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